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Colorado Woman
~ August 2013 ~
2010 Award of Excellence
~ F I N A L I S T ~
I'm delighted to announce that my first foray into Indie publishing, The Cowboy, The Cheat, His Ex-Wife and Her Vibrator is now available online.  The manuscript won the inaugural Romance Writers of Australia Emerald Award under a different title, but hey, I like this one better! Do you?

I loved writing Beth and Gabe's story-two people with a lot of baggage who find each other on a blind date that both were so determined to sabotage.  Beth is a love (and sex)-starved mother of four. Gabe's a rancher, a widower and determined not to let Beth have her wicked way with his body!

Stay tuned for my next Indie release about Jane Austen finding love.

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